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Kari Roos

Hi there! I'm Kari. I am a driven and passionate individual that pours my heart into everything all that I do. I am dedicated to helping empower others to take back control of their life. When I'm not busy being an advocate you will find me snuggled up in a good book drinking some tea.

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Kari recalls vividly that as a young woman, she experienced prolific dreams that left her both excited and curious. While these ‘sleeping visions’ seemed to hold precious messages which suggested Kari was destined for spiritual matters, life held other more immediate plans that led Kari in another direction; but this only put her curiosity and connection on hold.

Following her earlier days in advocacy work and parent-school council, Kari won the Mayor’s Award in 2015 while still studying to achieve her Social Services Worker Diploma from Lambton College. Kari further established her role as an active social justice advocate in her local community, and her efforts focused on assisting others as well as teaching advocacy skills. This work was no mistake, as Kari had previously endured the devastating experience of living with domestic violence and dealing with a myriad of subsequent mental health issues. After breaking the chains of domestic violence for herself and her children in 2011, Kari slowly began rebuilding her life. She has emerged as a positive and inspiring example of what it means to recover from adversity.

It was in 2014 that Kari resumed her spiritual pursuits. She explored the healing arts, learning a variety of empowering healing modalities that both assisted her own healing and allowed her to reconnect to reminders of those prolific dreams with an understanding of what exists beyond the physical plane. Kari’s skills and abilities have come to reflect a deep connection to spirit and this allows her to assist her clients to heal on many levels.
Kari continues to be active in her advocacy role. Knowing it was time to share the more personal lessons and insights gained through the devastating pain and humiliation of living with a violent partner, Kari is now available to deliver talks on domestic violence, mental health, social justice, and how we all need to honor our own truth. Always ready to offer compassion and understanding, Kari is also not shy to encourage and enable thinking among whole communities on issues of awareness, self-care, resilience, and empowerment.

Driven by this passion for advocacy and lit by a desire to see women and marginalized individuals take the necessary steps to reclaim their own personal power, Kari has also chosen to trust the inner ‘call’ to bring the pieces of her experience together to offer a selection of coaching and healing services to help others live more fully.

In 2019, Kari combined her qualifications, values and healing talents to offer a holistic, trauma-informed, body-focused and client-centered approach to the work she enjoys and finds most meaningful. Answering the call saw the launch of her Coaching and Spiritual Healing business, Winds of Tomorrow Creating Change Today.

Those dreams are never far away, and they have brought gifts for Kari to share. Helping others is a privilege and Kari’s desire is for everyone to recognize the value of self-compassion, self-care and being self-honoring on their healing path. Kari not only offers coaching and healing, but like any good advocate, she wants to see you rising to the challenge of being who you truly are, to stand empowered in your own truth, and to heal after life’s traumatic experiences.

Kari is herself living proof that a different and joyous life awaits, and she extends a warm welcome to those who are willing to take those next steps. Will you allow yourself to create a future where you can ride higher on the winds of tomorrow because, like her, you chose to create change today.

All of which lead her to co-creating Nurturing You Wellness Center. To take her knowledge, experience, and expertise to help empower that change in other women.


Jenna Gallagher

Hi there! I am Jenna, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindful Meditation Coach by day, DIY Queen by night. Superhero mother of 4 boys (2 of which are my dog and husband). I love a good board game and some essential oils.

Learn More about Jenna's Journey

I was that kid… The kid that never really fit in with anyone group of people. However, I was that kid that just wanted the attention of everyone. I also had some deep-seated mental health issues growing up that never were diagnosed until I was in my twenties. To go along with my mental health issues, I had every teenager's nightmare… Self-esteem issues. I truly disliked almost everything about myself.

This leads to a very unhealthy obsession with fitness and wanting to be the fastest, the strongest, overall the best at everything. To go along with that I had not a single clue about nutrition. I’m not even sure what they taught us in school, because that most certainly wasn’t nutrition. If anything it just gave us more of a reason to have an eating disorder (which later in life I was diagnosed with).

So we now have mental health issues, poor self-esteem, and disordered eating. A recipe for disaster.

The pendulum.
It seems like it was all or nothing. There was never this healthy balance. It when from fully working out, and eating salads to a full swing to the other side. Giving up on everything and eating whatever I wanted and lounging.

-Adult Life-
Of course, my disordered eating never went away. At this point, it got worse. It went from at least gaps between swinging back and forth, to daily swings. I would have a really good day until something would upset me and I would binge at night and say screw everything.

This lead to a very unhealthy relationship not only with my food but myself. I started beating myself up after eating, only to promise myself I wouldn’t do it again, only to repeat the same thing the next day. Slowly the good days were few and far between.

A Marriage and 2 children later, my mental health was anything but good. I felt like I hit rock bottom…

-My Journey-
My chair was my best friend aside from my bed.

I would literally have to pull myself out to bed only to get to my chair and cry. Between crying fits, I had to be a mom. I would look around the house and look at all the things that needed to be done that I would start to panic. I would start to think of how horrible of a mother and wife I was, that I couldn’t get a simple load of laundry done. This was my life.

My husband was so supportive. We finally got help, it wasn’t easy, but I knew I would get there. I truly didn’t like this feeling.

I have seen a total of 5 different counselors and 3 different doctors. I was diagnosed with a whole list of things: Borderline Personality Disorder, General Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and an eating disorder. I was put on medication (which was completely life-changing) but it wasn’t enough. I still didn’t feel like I wanted to feel.

It was then I was introduced to Holistic Nutrition, my life was forever changed. I found a passion. After many discussions, I made the choice to go back to school. This is where my story truly begins.


After attending a few workshops and having personal consultations, I can honestly say Nurturing You Wellness Center cares about their clients and goes above and beyond to make sure the mental, emotional and social well being of their clients are met.

Hello Friends, I want to share that ..When someone close to you passes away, you grieve. Grief is the road that you travel from how things were to how things will be. On this journey, I have been going through different feelings than I have ever had before.I wondered if what I was feeling was normal? I connected with Kari. I want to say how very helpful the time & conversations we shared have been to me. Kari helped me to embrace the sadness of my grief....”Thank you!”

Jenna & Kari have become an integral part of my healing journey. They have taught me so much about myself, and have always been kind & supportive. From nutrition to meditation, self-love, boundaries & everything in between; I'm so grateful I reached out for their support.

These are bright passionate woman who genuinely want to help other women heal and live their life to the fullest. Every opportunity I have had to work with them has been wonderful. Jenna and Kari are both powerhouses in their own right, I am so excited that these two have teamed up !!

These ladies are amazing Very supportive Very knowledgeable Ceru caring They have offered a variety of topics and helpful hints They are always checking in to see how I'm doing.

This is Where Your Story Truly Begins

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