But, Why Can’t I Sleep?

Sleep- Something that you hate to do when you are younger, but, as you get older you wish you could do more of. However, even if we have the chance to get a good night’s sleep it seems like we just lay awake starring at the ceiling. It often leads us to plan out our day, week, or month. No matter how much we try to convince our brains to shut off it doesn’t seem to work.

Sound about right? I hear you. Sleep can be a complicated little subject. Why? Because there are so many different aspects that often get overlooked when trying to figure out our sleep. We can google until our hearts are content. But, unless we know what is causing the imbalance with us. It can be kind of tricky to pinpoint.

So let’s look at things that can hinder our Sleep.


As a nutritionist, I knew this. However, on the other hand, I didn’t. I was on specific medication for a while. Though I thought this medication was “Helping.” However, I didn’t realize that it was playing a role in the fact that I felt the need to sleep 16+ hours a day. I would have taken more if I was able to.

I was then switched due to many different factors. This new one I was told needed to be taken in the morning because it was a stimulant! Boy, were they right! It put me way to the other side of the playing field. Where I couldn’t sleep even at night, even if I was tired.


So, this can be applied to a couple of different areas of our life. One, the Sun and moon cycle. When our bodies are exposed to light we don’t produce melatonin. This is the sleepy hormone. When it’s dark, we start to produce it, allowing us to start to feel tired.

However, in the world we live in now, everything is projected through light. We have our smartphones, computers, tablets, T.V., and so much more. All of these things produce a thing called blue light. It actually triggers your brain not to produce melatonin. Making it rather difficult to go to sleep.


A lot of people know about caffeine. Most people know if they drink it past a certain time it is going to cause them to be awake all night. There really is a lot more to unravel with that whole topic but, we will leave it for another day.

Some foods, such as well-aged cheese, high-sugar snacks, or even high fatty foods. They all can play a role in hindering your sleep.

T.V./ Noise

For a lot of us, it has become custom, to sit back and relax before you have to go to bed. However, some of us put the T.V. on in the bedroom, or music or some sort of background noise. A lot of people feel like it helps them fall asleep. This can actually cause you not to get a very good night’s sleep, causing a lot of sleep interruptions.

So What Are Some Things I Can Do to Help?

  1. Shut off the electronics 1 hour before bed. Try reading a book, meditation, or another form of relaxing activity.
  2. Avoid blue lights or bright lights for 1 hour before bed.
  3. Try and avoid heavy full meals within an hour before bed.
  4. Remove electronics from your room, and avoid sleeping with music or T.V. Playing.
  5. Tea- some teas are great at helping promote relaxation in the body
  6. Having a warm bath or shower before bed.
  7. Journaling- Sometimes writing down your to-do list for the next day helps your mind relax as it isn’t something you need to physically think of anymore.

We Are Here for Your Support!

We hope that some of these things are able to shift your perspective a little and maybe a small change to your nighttime routine can make a huge difference. Understanding that yes, there are a lot more things people can do and try, however, these are some simple basic steps that everyone can try.

For more help or support feel free to shoot us a message, or set up a free consult. We would be happy to see how we can help improve your goals!

Note: We are not Therapists, Registered Counsellors, Psychologists, and or Medical doctors. We offer support groups and services that help complement traditional therapies and medications. At no time are we providing a diagnosis or making medical recommendations. It is always recommended you speak with a Health Care Professional before making any changes.



I am Jenna, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindfulness Meditation Coach by day, and a Meditator, DIY Queen by night. Superhero mother of 4 boys (2 of which are my dog and husband). I love a good board game and some essential oils.

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