Our Mission

Inspire & Empower

It is our mission to help empower and inspire womxn. To create a safe online community, where you can come unite together and stand tall. Where friendships are made and wounds heal. Where your story truly begins.

Our Story

Building the Dream

Nurturing You Wellness Center was a sought out dream that soon became a reality for both Jenna Gallagher and Kari Roos. Unfortunately, they know all too well about the struggles that womxn face on a daily basis from having their own first-hand experience.

Hearing “ You’re just being emotional”, “ You’re overreacting”, “You need to get over it and just move on”. All common phrases that womxn hear on a daily basis.

As a result of their first-hand experience, it led them both down similar Holistic Alternative Journeys. Healing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is where they feel that their story truly began.

Jenna and Kari want to create a community for womxn to help inspire and empower each other to grow.

All About You

Unleashing Your Power

As we move through the seasons of our lives we walk through many firsts. We begin to learn and understand that change is a continuous part of our lives. 

Change is constantly with us. This can be a lonely and isolated road and yet as we gather a community of support, we can join hands with others and embrace the continuous changes. By connecting and knowing yourself through all seasons of life. Embracing your inner power and raising your vibration. 

Just like in nature the season of our lives change, we experience the first buds of growth as we move from youth to young adult, from adulthood to wise womxn. We experience changes in our hormones, our life circumstances, and our roles. Nurturing You Wellness Center is here to help support you in finding who you are through those seasons. 

We are here to help empower womxn to unleash their inner goddess. By providing services that help womxn grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

By providing one-on-one support it allows us to personalize the experience for everyone no matter where you are in the seasons. Within our various programs, we build in community and offer ways to connect with others who are or have experienced similar things.