Do you Know Who You Are?

Finding You– Let’s take a moment and look at ourselves. Do you know who you are? Like, truly know who you are? This is something that so many womxn struggle with.

Feeling like you are going day to day just through the motions? Maybe, your are a mom, and everything mom life consumes you. So much, that you don’t know what you like to do for fun any more. Maybe by the end of the day you can’t find the will to do things for you. You much rather just go to bed.

But, Why is this?

Well, lets break that down…

Young Children- We are taught by our guardians/ parents, how to act or behave.

Teenagers- Where you are constantly seeking attention acting how you think people want you to. Plus, que hormones.

Parent/Adult life- At this point you are expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Or you life is now consumed with being a mom. Not to mention more hormone changes.

Empty Nesters- Everything you once knew has now changed/ left. And, You guessed it… More hormone changes.

It’s no wonder why you don’t know who you are.

Society for a long time has put womxn in universal roles, that this is the way we are suppose to act. However, that’s just not true. We don’t all like to cook, clean, and do laundry. (But, what womxn truly does enjoy it?) Not to mention that we are expected to have this magazine body, never to be frustrated, and to always have that smile on our face.

These unrealistic expectations really play a tole on our mental health. Not feeling good enough or worthy. We are here to tell you that you are more than good enough, and you are worthy of all good things.

Throw out all those stereotypical expectations of how we should look and act. They aren’t worth anything.

How does one even begin?

Well, this is something we have been looking into. Because over the course of our business, a lot of our clients come to us with the same wants. To know who they are and ignite that person.

We began looking into what that looks like. There really is a base foundation of taking that step.

  1. Needs- Do you know what you need, and how to identify them?
  2. Feelings- Do you know all of your feelings?
  3. Judgements- Releasing judging yourself and others.

How would one begin to learn about that?

Do we have a surprise for you… We have been super busy working on a 3 week program for womxn who are wanting to find who they are. To take these steps and uplevel their overall health.

Stay Tuned! We will be releasing all sign up information this week! Can’t wait? Contact us now!

We have also created a facebook group just for women who are readying to ignite who they are! Join Now!

Note: We are not Therapists, Registered Counsellors, Psychologists, and or Medical doctors. We offer support groups and services that help complement traditional therapies and medications. At no time are we providing a diagnosis or making medical recommendations. It is always recommended you speak with a Health Care Professional before making any changes.



I am Jenna, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindfulness Meditation Coach by day, and a Meditator, DIY Queen by night. Superhero mother of 4 boys (2 of which are my dog and husband). I love a good board game and some essential oils.

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