Curious on How to Manifest Your Dreams?

For a few days, I had mentioned I wanted to have take-out on Wednesday, April 15th.

Later that day, I saw an initiative started for National Take-Out day. I decided to veto participating in it due to some other articles I had read. On Wednesday morning, I got up and the coil went in my oven while baking cupcakes. Repairing the coil to take place on Thursday morning.

It looked like between my own words and desire for take-out and the universe had conspired.

Does it really happen just like that?

In truth, it can take some effort and we need to not only keep our thoughts positive of what we are trying to manifest aligned with the actions we are taking towards those dreams. When we allow self-doubt to creep in, the universe also questions if that is what we are truly deserving.

How to manifest those dreams…

Begin by allowing yourself to really focus on what it is you truly are trying to manifest. Be as specific as you can be but there also needs to be a balance. For example, if you would like to meet your soulmate, you may say I’d like my soul mate to have a sense of humor, but not be specific regarding what they look like or how tall they are. Specific but loose in how you approach this.

Do not have an attachment to how this will come to you. Using the same example of meeting your soul mate, don’t expect to meet them on Wednesday at your local coffee shop when you’re going for your morning latte.


Express Gratitude

These are some of the things you can do to help you manifest your new reality.

The planets and moon are aligned right now and are magnifying the potential of your manifestation. – source 

Are you struggling with what you are truly trying to manifest in your life? Why not book a 30-minute life coaching session and let’s dive into your life goals and unleash what you truly desire. 

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Kari Roos

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