Is journaling just an adult diary?

Do you remember having a diary growing up? The whole dear diary… Journaling for adults can be a totally different experience than it was for us as a child growing up, hopefully, there isn’t a pesky younger sibling around snooping reading it for one thing.  Writing and journaling can be a therapeutic experience as we age.

Reasons to Journal

When we journal, we are able to gain clarity around a specific situation or topic. Another reason to journal is to help us de-stress, we can write what is troubling us and get it all out in a way that lets us just release it all at one time. This gives an opportunity to get to know ourselves in our truest form thus creating an open and honest dialogue. In doing this, it gives way to heal ourselves and see our patterns/areas of growth.

How to Journal

Journaling can be different things for different people. Some people take journaling to a creative level, flourishing their journal pages as some might scrapbook or collage it. Others utilize a keyboard and social media for their experiences. Others, who may find writing words challenging utilize photos, drawing, songs, or movies as a way to create their own journal experience.

Personal Experience

My own experience with journaling has been to follow, Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages ideology. Yet, I have improvised it to make it my own experience as well. There are many books with writing prompts to help you start to find the flow of words, art, or imagery. Test out different ways and see what works and fits for you. Make your journaling experience come alive for you. I have found journaling allows me to not only connect on a surface level with myself but opens me up to a subconscious level. Often, I am surprised.

Journaling through the ages

As we age, journaling can be about reflecting on our own experiences. For the purpose of leaving our wisdom behind for others to enjoy. Sharing family stories, recipes, and history can be another important piece. During parts of our life, we seem to not find the time to write it down. As our life evolves we suddenly find the time to pass along parts of our own history and legacies. The oral traditions of verbally sharing our stories is wonderful and yet it can be lost in translation. Writing this out can be a way to have your own words and stories heard in the first person.

Jenna and Kari often speak about the benefits of journaling in their Wellness Coaching sessions, various workshops, and at times in their community offer journaling prompts to help others. Interested in learning more, please feel free to connect with them for a free consultation.

Note: We are not Therapists, Registered Counsellors, Psychologists, and or Medical doctors. We offer support groups and services that help complement traditional therapies and medications. At no time are we providing a diagnosis or making medical recommendations. It is always recommended you speak with a Health Care Professional before making any changes.

Kari Roos

Kari Roos

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