What are healthy boundaries?

Healthy boundaries are boundaries that are set to ensure you are well in all aspects of your life. Healthy boundaries help a person establish where they end and someone else begins. These boundaries help hold each other accountable and responsible for themselves.

Some examples of healthy boundaries include:

  • A teacher not having a relationship with their students outside the classroom.
  • Saying no and maintaining that no if someone is pushing you to do something you don’t want to do.
  • Asking for space if someone is too close to you physically.
  • Not accepting responsibility for someone else’s actions.
  • Holding someone accountable for their actions

When you first start to set boundaries, it will take time and practice. You could feel awkward and uncomfortable. As you begin this practice, you will soon discover it becomes second nature. You will be able to set, keep, and hold your boundaries with more ease.

To begin setting boundaries, start with considering your own beliefs, limits, and ideals. If you are unsure of where you stand mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually you will not be able to set and maintain strong boundaries.

Then consider your own feelings. If you feel resentment, anger, or uncomfortable, it is usually a sign a boundary has been crossed. Also, consider was your boundary stated firmly or was it an implied boundary? Implied boundaries are unwritten “rules” like we love each other so must do everything together. Another implied boundary is telling yourself something doesn’t matter.

Clearly and directly state your boundaries reaffirming them when necessary.

Be assertive.

Importantly, seek support when setting boundaries or if you are still struggling after you’ve set boundaries.

We offer Wellness coaching, a Healthy Relationship Program, and Monday Night Tea where you can ask questions about a specific topic.




Note: We are not Therapists, Registered Counsellors, Psychologists, and or Medical doctors. We offer support groups and services that help complement traditional therapies and medications. At no time are we providing a diagnosis or making medical recommendations. It is always recommended you speak with a Health Care Professional before making any changes.

Kari Roos

Kari Roos

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